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ICD-10 Codes for the Christmas Season

Get in the spirit with ICD-10 codes for the holiday season

By Jon Carter


‘Tis the season! Cartoonist Jon Carter reveals that a few Christmas and holiday characters and traditions are just well-disguised ICD-10 codes.… Read More

Medical Practice New Year’s Resolutions

2016 goals in letterpress wood typeThe Medical Practice Entrepreneurs’ New Year’s Resolutions

One element needed to survive in your medical practice is to be sensitive to rapid change in the environment and adapt. Price Waterhouse provides some suggestions in this outline the future.

Here are some suggestions to consider. First, if you are an employed physician, think about how consolidation will impact you. If you are in independent physician, consider consolidating with others to garner market share and negotiating power.… Read More

ICD-10 follow up action items

HATA ICD-10 follow up action items from membership meeting

In the recent HATA membership meeting, participants shared the following links concerning ICD-10 follow up actions. CMS has a MAC contact list on their ICD-10 website and ICD-10 Coordinating and Maintenance Committee and information on the ICD-10 Ombudsman. Go to the MAC websites for additional information that is being published on LCD’s.

Links shared concerning ICD-10 follow up:

Learn more about HATA (Healthcare Administrative Technology Association), the National Association of Practice Management Systems and related technology companies.… Read More

Maximize Your Practice Management System


Are you driving a Mercedes PM product like it’s a Yaris?

Here are five powerful and often overlooked PM features

Practices often spend the equivalent of a Mercedes convertible on a practice management system (PM). Yet the staff use it as if it were a Toyota Yaris, using only the basic features and reports, and under-using the power under the hood by as much as 70 percent, in some cases.

Here are five powerful and often overlooked features that we recommend and why you should use them.… Read More

After Cyber Monday comes Giving Tuesday

downloadToday is nationally recognized as Giving Tuesday

 (#GivingTuesday) One third of all non-profit donations are made in the last 45 days of each calendar year. PracticeAdmin supports youth programs for the Robert Fowler YMCA and other local community programs. Make giving back a part of your holiday tradition. If you need ideas for organizations that need contributions, visit Giving Tuesday on FaceBook.… Read More