PracticeAdmin designs software that provides physicians, medical billers and coders the tools they need to create and file medical claims as efficiently and easily as possible. Although many large, established medical practices and third-party billing and coding services use PracticeAdmin software, we also serve many providers and medical billers and coders who are just starting out, and still learning about the business side of medicine.

PracticeAdmin offers a full range of practice management and medical billing, cloud based software solutions. With PracticeAdmin, our clients benefit from unlimited claims submission, unlimited training, unlimited users, and unlimited customer support.

With PracticeAdmin’s web-based software

  • Low startup fee: a fraction of traditional software
  • No hardware required: all you need is the Internet
  • Monthly Pay-as-you-go
  • Training, support, and upgrades are included in the monthly subscription fee
  • Worry-Free data security
  • All sensitive data is stored on our remote servers
  • A secure data center, redundant servers, and automatic and offsite backups ensure you are protected
  • All software upgrades, claim code-set maintenance, and NPI database updates are done automatically each time you sign-in to PA

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Our Solutions

Full Medical Billing Package
All the features from Billing Manager
All the features from Schedule Manager
All the features from Receivables Manager
Upload and search for documents
Tag EOBs while posting payments
White-out tool for digital EOBs
Many other features
Phone, email, & chat support at no additional cost
Practice Management Essentials
Unlimited claims & remittance
Claim scrubbing
Patient & practice scheduling
Appointment reminders
Patient statements*
Eligibility verification*
And many other features
Phone, email, & chat support

*Additional fees may apply