Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing

Your Patients Come First

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You don’t come to work to deal with money and billing. You come to help people live better and healthier lives. If you’re a member of a small doctor’s office, the MD’s don’t have time to handle every backoffice issue. Outsourcing your medical billing is one of the most pronounced decisions that you can make to optimize the care in your small practice.

Jettison Mistakes in Your Billing

Who better to deal with billing than a biller? They know how to make sure your bills are accurately assessed and submitted, because they’re trained to. It’s all that they do. Sure, you may feel that your office staff are great at everything in their job description - and they probably are. But with all your staff must do, imagine how much better they would be if you outsourced your billing, allowing them time to get your office running at light speed, and improving the interactions with patients.

A stressed receptionist is a sure way to upset your patients every time they visit your office. Giving that receptionist less to do will brighten her day and your patients’ visits, all while increasing your revenue!

Keep Your Money...

If you outsource your billing, you’ll probably save a bundle in paychecks and benefits coverage because you won’t be saddled with all of the staff and liabilities that come with in house billing. Not to mention the accoutrements that extra staff need, such as places to sit and a computer with special software you may have to wait a long time to train them to use properly, especially now with the advent of ICD-10.

Put this all together, and you may be surprised to find that the steady rate you’ll pay for an outside biller is less than you’ll be charged for keeping those same services in house.

Moreover, you’ll save money, aggravation and get better service.

...And Get Some More!

Unlike your direct staff, a billing company won’t miss a beat. With so many people dedicated to providing your billing services under a single billing company’s roof - you’ll find you get uninterrupted income from their conveyor belt consistency. Sick days and vacations won’t affect your schedule, or lead to a backlog of incomplete bills.

Customer Service Makes Perfect

What happens when a patient calls with a billing question? One of your staff has to field the call, which takes her away from what she was doing in the office. In addition, she may have to scurry to get the billing information that the caller was interested in, which means you’re not delivering the kind of service that you’re capable of would you opt for an outside biller. Doctors who run smaller practices and are interested in providing the very best service, all while collecting the maximum return on their care, rely on outside billers who can juggle many billing demands at the expense of nothing else.

Medical Billing - What You Need To Know

Before letting your billing office get started, you should know about the following:

Medical billing is the reason you’re in business, which means it deserves to get all of the attention that you can give it. If giving more attention means giving it over to an outsourced medical biller, there are a lot of benefits

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