ICD-10 Webinar - Partner with PracticeAdmin & Dell for successful transition


Ensure a successful transition to ICD-10 with PracticeAdmin & Dell

Register now for our August webinar. Just in time before the October 1 deadline, we discuss how the PracticeAdmin partnership with Dell BPO Medical Coding Services can help you with a successful, more cost effective transition to ICD-10.

Register now for the Wednesday, August 26 webinar @12pm EST.

PracticeAdmin has partnered with Dell Coding Services to help with your transition to ICD-10. We have negotiated discounts and have greater leverage with Dell. Reduce your stress so your team can focus on what's important.

Our ProviderSuite software also offers an ICD-10 crosswalk tool that allows you to compare ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes. We have more ICD-10 resources available to help ensure your business's transition to ICD-10 is a smooth one. Why use Dell's Coding Services? Simplify your transition to ICD-10 and get more money faster with the help of Dell Coding Services. Dell is a trusted PracticeAdmin partner. We've negotiated a bulk rate discount for our customers who decide to engage Dell Coding Services in their office.

What are the prices?

To sign up for Dell Coding services, contact us at sales@practiceadmin.com. Register for the August 26 webinar.

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