Prepare for ICD-10 worst-case scenarios as switchover looms

ICD-10 finish line

According to Healthcare Finance Revenue Cycle Insights, experts say problems seen in September in testing ICD-10 codes could become disasters when the new diagnostic code set goes live on October 1. Any delay in the front-end process from coding to billing will be costly, according to Joshua Berman, director, Business Analytics and ICD-10 Lead for RelayHealth. Doctors have to keep great notes and coders have to code correctly.

The worst case scenario, said Richard Milam president and CEO of EnableSoft, is when "People think that they've finished and everything is ready to go and there's a coding error in the matrix and it has to be done overnight."

American Medical Association President Steven Stack, who originally voiced support for skipping ICD-10 in favor of waiting for ICD-11, said his concern was for the two-thirds of physicians who work in smaller practices. However, Stack credits the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for offering a year's grace period in reimbursing claims that are submitted in the correct family of codes.

ICD-10 Central, metrics tab sponsored by RelayHealth, features four revenue cycle Key Performance Indicators likely to be impacted by the transition.

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