Creating an ICD-10 command center

ICD-10 command center

Creating an ICD-10 command center

 Given the limited testing of claims acceptance and reimbursement that has taken place to date, it's impossible to predict with certainty whether glitches will be small and easily ironed out -- or significant enough to severely disrupt cash flow and launch more downstream problems.

Rochester Regional Health System is among the hospitals building a war room for the ICD-10 deadline. A hand-picked squad of Rochester Regional staffers began working closely with each department and provider practice during the last year to assess readiness.

"During that time systems issues were mitigated, education and training occurred, forms and reports were corrected, created or archived, and processes were revamped as necessary," according to Diana Adam-Podgornik, Rochester Regional's coding compliance coordinator. There's more: "Dual coding was started and continues, KPI baseline measures were established and metrics developed for future monitoring," she said.

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