Healthcare payers report smooth ICD-10 transition so far


ICD-10 -- So far so good

Healthcare payers are talking a bit about how they're handling ICD-10. Before Oct. 1, it was understood that the larger healthcare providers with abundant resources were the most prepared for ICD-10 implementation. It looks like the same can be said for healthcare payers. The bigger payers are in better shape. Apparently some of the smaller ones had to switch back to ICD-9 codes for processing medical claims. That doesn't explain why California's Medicaid system has to crosswalk submitted ICD-10 claims to ICD-9 codes to process reimbursements. That is not a small payer.

There is one thing that healthcare organizations can agree upon; we will have a clear picture of denial rates soon. For clearinghouses Navicure and eMDs, the ICD-10 transition is smooth. But two unnamed smaller insurers had to revert back to ICD-9 codes because of system failures.


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