How one physician made ICD-10 work

How one physician made ICD-10 work with little effort

By Gabriel Perna

For many practices, the day of Oct. 1, 2015 was the nerve-wracking great switch over from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Small practices were pegged as ill-prepared for the storm that was to hit on that particular day.

The only strange thing was that Legan, a primary-care physician at an eight-doc practice in Great Falls, Mont., got ready for ICD-10 without totally realizing it.

The preparation began six months ago when Legan upgraded his server for his EHR to a cloud-based one. Thanks to that move, his EHR automatically upgraded to make its ICD-9 codes more specific. "[The updated choices of codes] fit the ICD-10 metrics more than the old ICD-9 metrics," he said. "When Oct. 1 rolled around what was nice, I wasn't sure how it would work … what happened was those [specific] ICD-9 codes were turned into ICD-10 codes. I was so surprised … I thought it would be a lot more labor intensive."


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