PracticeAdmin end of year newsletter - Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Welcome to our end of 2015 newsletter, and Happy Holidays from the PracticeAdmin team!

PracticeAdmin News

PracticeAdmin Announces Expanded Training Program

The PracticeAdmin team announces the launch of our expanded training program. We are now offering more training courses with more sessions each month to better meet your needs. Our trainers are experts in our products and can give you greater insight with courses such as Claim Entry, Payment Posting, and Patient Statements and Collection Files.

PracticeAdmin customers can take advantage of unlimited group training classes, or if you prefer one-on-one instruction, we now also offer private training options, tailored to your requirements.

For more information about PracticeAdmin training services, contact us at or 844-269-4780, option 4.

Ensure Payment with ProviderSuite’s Insurance Eligibility Verification Feature

One of the simplest ways to make sure providers get paid by insurance companies is by enabling the integrated insurance eligibility verification feature in ProviderSuite. In addition to real-time verification, PracticeAdmin also offers Automated Eligibility Verification (AEV) which automatically compiles all patients nightly that are scheduled for future appointments and sends an eligibility verification request to payers. The results are imported back into the software and displayed on the appointment schedule and on the insurance tab. To activate, call support at 844-269-4780 option 1, or read the eligibility verification data sheet with Get Started Today! instructions.

PracticeAdmin Product Tip: Billing Manager Key Board Shortcuts

PracticeAdmin’s Billing Manager solution was designed with key board short cuts as an alternative to using a mouse. Click here for the list of key board shortcuts.

The PracticeAdmin support team will be home with their families on Thanksgiving. From all of us, we are grateful to have you as customers, and we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Holiday promotion for new PA customers

We can help with your holiday shopping. Schedule a demo with PracticeAdmin by December 15, 2015, and get a $50 Amazon gift card. >H4>Schedule a demo today!

Medical Billing & Practice Management Industry News

Appeals Expanded Under the Affordable Care Act

Your right to appeal a denied claim was expanded under the Affordable Care Act. You can maximize the chances that your appeal will be successful by following these tips. Read more at (Requires login)

Keep It Simple with Basic Billing Benchmarks - How Does Your Company Compare?

What are the basic billing benchmarks you should review? Let's start with the percentage of accounts receivable (A/R) in each aging category. When reviewing this particular benchmark, your company wants the majority to be in the 0-30 days in A/R category. Read more at

Compliance Risks and Transfer DRGs

A major challenge facing hospitals is developing and implementing the most effective procedures to ensure that they are getting properly reimbursed for services rendered. This is especially critical when it relates to revenue related to claims impacted by the post-acute transfer rule (PACT). Identifying such underpayments can be a rather convoluted process. Read more at

Is It Time to Switch to Windows 10?

There are many questions surrounding the release and implementation of Windows 10. What can you expect in the new operating system? Will it improve security? Why is Microsoft giving this product away? When should we upgrade? And probably most importantly, how compatible is the new operating system with the applications that we use to run our practices? Read more at

Quick Coding for Women’s Preventive Services

Women’s screening codes and coverage may vary depending on risk factors. Coding for women’s preventive services requires a firm understanding of not only the procedures, but also of the related codes and coverage requirements. Read more at

Improper Payment Rates on the Rise in Some HHS Programs

the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) released its annual Agency Financial Report, which includes an update on the improper payment rates for Medicare, Medicaid and others. This year’s report shows progress is being made to reduce improper payments in the following areas. Read more at

Monitoring ICD-10 Post-Implementation Issues

Planning and execution efforts for ICD-10 have been the largest resource-intensive undertaking by healthcare in decades. The healthcare industry had ample time to analyze the factors that currently affect efficient and uninterrupted quality healthcare, but have healthcare providers anticipated the factors that will affect their practices after implementation? Read more at

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