Tips on Improving Patient Attendance

To make sure you collect the most for your providers, you've got to make sure they are getting patients in the door.

But sometimes, this is a problem.

Here are some tips to share with your providers and their front office staff that have been proven to increase patient attendance and reduce no-shows.

Text Message Test

Think back to your school science project when you dripped ketchup into a baking soda volcano thinking, “Problem, Hypothesis, Test, Data...Conclusion!”

But it was just a volcano.

Better to test your theories on a problem that can actually help people. At the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, patients with mobile phones were the subjects of a social experiment to note the effect of appointment reminders sent by text message.

Patients who provided a mobile number were scheduled to attend one of five outpatient clinics covering a wide demographic swath - dermatology, gastroenterology, general medicine, paediatric dentistry and plastic surgery. They were reminded of their appointments with a text message, as opposed to the control group who were not reminded about their appointments in any way.

The Success to Attend results:

According to this study, the STA rates for those who received a text reminder were similar to those who received traditional, non-text reminders. But the ease of text messaging, which requires fewer resources to carry out en masse than traditional communication, shows the medium can improve attendance with less stress for back office staff.

Check to see if your software has automated patient communication available with their software.

For example, at PracticeAdmin we work with partners to offer automated email, text, and phone reminders to reduce no-show patients and increase revenue.

While this study showed the great effect technology can have on improved attendance, there are a lot more ways you can help your patients stay the course, and your practice stay in the black.

The Doctor Won’t See You Now

Maybe a patient doesn’t need a follow up appointment, or at least fewer of them. When you can reduce the number of visits, you’ll streamline your office, your billing and allow the doctors to deliver better care.

It’s Not Going To Hurt A Bit

Sometimes, patients miss their appointments and fail to return your call because they’re scared. Be clear on the safe, but necessary care they will receive in a follow-up appointment. Furthermore, keep your practice inviting with easy-going physicians who make the patients feel comfortable and safe, so you’re less likely to get no-shows.

Practice Management IT Solutions

Keeping track of your patient data is really at the heart of keeping patients aware of their visits.

That’s why digitizing the work of your back office, billing and accounts receivable will give you a total solution to the conundrum of dwindling patients. Effective practice management software is the most all-inclusive way to empower your medical practice.

Automating your patient communications is like organizing a room. Once you’ve done it, your living space is easier to navigate, happier and more productive. Then you’ll not only keep more appointments, but you’ll receive more back from the total appointments you have.

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