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ProviderSuite combines scheduling and billing, two of the biggest jobs that you do.




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As a provider, you need a proven solution with the administrative power to run your office with precision, and the functionality to get the job done right. ProviderSuite was developed by professional medical billers to work the way you work.

ProviderSuite is composed of two high-capacity programs — ScheduleManager and BillingManager. Combined, they provide you with powerful features and benefits which improve your revenue and reduce billing errors.

  • Multi-facility and multi-provider scheduling tool enables you to schedule down to the minute and by exam room.
  • Automated registration with all of the patient data gives you the power to  manage appointments, claims and payments from one place.
  • Generate over 100 activity reports to monitor your business performance.
  • Submit payment information from paper explanation of benefits (EOBs), manage your payments, catch claim errors, and streamline re-submissions.
  • Provides real-time eligibility verification and Automated Eligibility Verification (AEV), which automatically compiles all patients nightly that are scheduled for future appointments and sends an eligibility verification request to payers
  • The solution includes a a built in ICD-10 crosswalk tool to ensure your transition to ICD-10 is a smooth one.



The PracticeAdmin ScheduleManager reduces no-shows and improves your patient interactions by providing the data you need on demand. Using our proprietary rules-based architecture, you can set up your own preferences — whether you’re a solo provider, small to medium sized organization or a provider with multiple locations. Create your own scheduling templates for an unlimited number of locations and set up automated patient reminders.

PracticeAdmin scheduling tool

PracticeAdmin ScheduleManager – Create your own templates for one or multiple locations and set up automated patient reminders.


BillingManager is your one stop tool to manage patient registration, claims and payment. You can track all of your patient information and prior authorizations. It integrates easily with your EHR and helps keep track of your Meaningful Use certification. BillingManager lets you know if your claim has an error before it’s sent. Quickly re-submit your claim with no penalty, and monitor all of your EDI rejections.

PracticeAdmin ERA screen

PracticeAdmin ERA screen

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