ARI Workflow Manager



Advanced software designed to track medical accounts receivable (AR) information and optimize follow-up workflow across multiple practices and practice management systems ARI Workflow Manager software enables you to establish rules that automatically divide labor into common activities within the billing office. Daily workflow is sorted by role (call staff, AR staff, client reps, manager, physician office, etc.), matching individual staff (skill level) with the nature of work across multiple medical practices.



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A/R Control Panel & Action Items
A/R Control Panel & Action Items


Employee Productivity Reports
Employee Productivity Reports


Customized Employee Work Lists
Customized Employee Worklists


The ARI Workflow Manager Advantage:

Increased Reporting and Transparency

✓ Independent user reports to determine individual staff productivity
✓ Automatic reports daily, weekly, and monthly
✓ Medical billing office management and practice can both receive daily accounts receivable (AR) reports
✓ Client-side interface provides tracking mechanism for accountability, communication, and stewardship with physician office staff (for following up on office notes, patient collection decisions, etc.)


Increased Efficiency with Automated AR Follow-up

✓ Various categories for claims: insurance, patient, and workers comp
✓ Analyzes all insurance and patient AR, sorting claims by age
✓ AR that is divided by functions: unbilled, refunds, work comp, etc.
✓ Rejection codes passed directly from ERAs and manually posted EOBs
✓ Claim detail information is sent to ARI Workflow software from medical practice management system
✓ Notes and rejection codes transfer from ARI Workflow software back to medical practice management system


Increased Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

✓ Eliminates lost claims and minimizes human error
✓ Places claims in work buckets matched to employee skills and roles
✓ Billing staff receives complete customized daily work lists at sign-in
✓ Tickler system for working claims that remain unpaid


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