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PracticeAdmin was developed by medical billing professionals specifically to meet your business requirements.

With so many options and vendors to choose from in medical billing software solutions, it’s a challenge to find the right one designed for how you work. PracticeAdmin was developed by medical billing professionals specifically to meet your business requirements. Get what you need when you need it and deliver the benefits that your providers need most.


Top 10 reasons for selecting PracticeAdmin


  1. The PracticeAdmin solution is not a bundled solution with functionality you don’t need. Do you need Electronic Medical Record software? Or do you need a best-of-breed practice management system? Many practices have been sold on the idea that they need a bundled solution, and now they are paying for software they don’t need or use.
  2. We partner and integrate with top EHR systems. PracticeAdmin’s practice management Software as a Service (SaaS) provides you with a powerful platform to manage patient data and claims between your PM and EMR systems. A more efficient and cost effective solution.
  3. We scale our pricing based on your success. PracticeAdmin RevenueSuite is affordable whether you have one client or hundreds. There’s a low start-up cost and no long-term commitments. We also provide services to assist with your migration from your current system.
  4. PracticeAdmin is focused on medical billing companies and physician practice needs, and improving how you run your business. Our practice management software improves how you run your business, and we cover most specialties. Don't waste time discovering whether a patient is ineligible, and never bill the wrong insurance company. When your business grows, our billing software grows with you to meet your increasing client load, and offers a pricing structure that scales to the number of providers.
  5. PracticeAdmin’s accounts receivable (A/R) solution is ready to support you as you navigate this complex landscape. Kickbacks and re-submissions are going to reach up to 50% of your total, which means you need an IT solution that you can rely on that allows you to send unlimited claims and provides a snapshot of your AR bottom line.
  6. The Billing Dashboard provides an account overview with the status of every claim and payment. The system calculates your numbers, sends claims to our clearinghouse and can email or text appointment reminders to your patients. Our claims acceptance rates are greater than 95%, (the national average IS 88%).
  7. PracticeAdmin will cut the patient collection cycle by 20%. With PracticeAdmin you can print all of your statements off-site, and then mail them to your patients automatically. Saves you on cost of labor, printing and postage. And you’ll get a more effective return on AR by collecting the patient responsibilities faster.
  8. Designed by medical billing professionals, our scheduling program displays schedules for multiple doctors side by side. Features such as our scheduling software streamline patient registration for your clients, and is a great value-add that you can offer to new providers. Reducing Did Not Attends, and maximizing returns for your patients and practice all begin with powerful scheduling capabilities. You have the flexibility to customize according to office location or even by exam room – a feature that isn’t standard.
  9. If you’re new to billing, all you need is a computer and PracticeAdmin to grow your business. PracticeAdmin offers hosted software solutions and backend services to help you manage claims. If you have multiple billers in different locations and need to know what they’re doing, RevenueSuite can help you keep the employees of your billers accountable.
  10. Your data is safe with us. We securely store your records and information in our multiple cloud-based servers. We securely store your records and information in our multiple remote servers. Automatic offsite backups ensure the security of your data. All software upgrades, claim code-set maintenance, and NPI database updates are completed automatically each time you sign in to PracticeAdmin.

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