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  1. What does PracticeAdmin offer?
    PracticeAdmin provides practice management and billing solutions for medical billing companies, physicians, and specialists. We offer a full service scheduling, billing (registration, claims and payments) and accounts receivable (AR) solution. We also interface with your existing EHR, or consult with you on choosing the right EHR for your needs. You may also choose to use our printing and mailing service, which involves an additional services cost, but it more than pays for itself in time and resources.

  2. How much does PracticeAdmin cost?
    Our solutions are affordable whether you have one client or hundreds. Our pricing is on a month-to-month basis, and we offer longer term contracts with additional discounts. There’s a low start-up cost, and we scale our pricing based on your needs and business growth. We also provide services to assist with your migration from your current system. Pricing also depends on the customization required to interface with your EHR.

  3. What is the contractual obligation?
    We offer pricing on a month-to-month basis, and offer longer term contracts with additional discounts.

  4. Are there initial fees during the implementation?
    There may be fees for enrollment and customization depending on your requirements.

  5. Do I need to purchase new hardware equipment?
    In most cases no, but it depends on your current system. We can advise you if you need any upgrades in hardware or software to run PracticeAdmin more efficiently.

  6. What does SaaS mean? Is PracticeAdmin a SaaS solution?
    SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is essentially the same as cloud-based service. It’s a method of software distribution where an application owned by a vendor is offered through a service provider’s network connection. SaaS also means that you can access all of your data and the PracticeAdmin platforms from any computer you’ve designated, as long as it’s connected to a data network.

  7. Who is responsible for data backup?
    PracticeAdmin is accessed from a remote server containing all of your patient data. Your computer is simply the conduit from your office to the information, which means we take all responsibility for maintaining and backing up your records.

  8. Is my data secure?
    We securely store your records and information in our multiple remote servers. Automatic offsite backups ensure the security of your data. All software upgrades, claim code-set maintenance, and NPI database updates are completed automatically each time you sign in to PracticeAdmin.

  9. What are PracticeAdmin's compliance standards?
    We’re at the forefront of HIPAA compliance, which means your PHI and ePHI is safe with us and our subcontractors. One of the great benefits of going with PracticeAdmin is that we help protect you from HIPAA exposure. Physical barriers to data breach include our compliance policies with all of our subsidiaries. Electronic barriers to data breach include advanced encryption, auditing and a secure network with offsite backup to all of your ePHI data. Our software also offers online utilities that help you to streamline jobs that are touched by HIPAA rules to perform compliance tracking, and also automatically update the latest in compliance standards.

  10. How long does implementation take?
    As soon as you select PracticeAdmin, we schedule your training and implementation. Our team works closely with your team to determine requirements for data import and any customization, and scopes the project. The time to convert to our service can take 3-4 weeks with data imports and a custom interface for your EHR. We align with your existing processes and work flow.

  11. Can you transfer our data?
    This will depend on how the software that you’re using currently exports or converts your data. In most cases we can import your patient demographics, insurance data, appointments and simple balance transfers. Manual data entry can be an option. We will discuss the options with you.

  12. What data do we need to send you?
    When it comes to billing, we’ll need your patient demographics and insurance data, hospital face sheets, and encounter sheets. You can also send daily or weekly patient logs. When it comes to Payment Posting, we’ll need EOB’s and tear-off’s of the patient bills.

  13. Do I retain control over my patient data?
    Yes. Although your information is located on a remote secure server, you are in full control of your data.

  14. Can I choose specific PracticeAdmin products and services?
    You can choose between RevenueSuite, PracticeAdmin, and you have the option to use our patient eligibility features, and printing and mailing services. We also integrate with your EHR.

  15. Can I scan insurance cards and drivers licenses?
    Yes, both sides. You can scan any document and save it.

  16. Are there hot keys to patient data from previous screens?
    Yes. You can use key combinations for quick access to a particular function within the software. Our training will help you with these.

  17. Does the system track data entry?
    Yes, all of the keystrokes and time spent on each task are tracked and recorded, which is standard for HIPAA compliance.

  18. Will the system auto-log off?
    Yes. This is also part of HIPAA compliance, and users will need to re-enter a password to regain entry.

  19. Is there a master protocol allowing entry to all systems by the manager?
    Yes, a manager can access the system and monitor all of the user data.

  20. Will PracticeAdmin connect to our clearinghouse partner and send electronic claims?
    Yes, that is included in the customizable interface.

  21. Do you charge for updating CPT codes?
    No, we do not charge for updating CPT codes.


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