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Scheduling provides powerful patient scheduling capabilities.


Reliable appointment scheduling is critical to the running of your business. Reducing no-shows and maximizing returns for your patients and practice all begin with powerful scheduling capabilities. Scheduling was built to work how you work.


Scheduling Features

  • Intuitive rules based system — Allows you to configure your preferences for individual providers, groups or multiple locations, and lets you control details down to each appointment slot.
  • Custom templates — You can create your own scheduling templates for an unlimited number of locations and providers. The PracticeAdmin services team will help you develop the templates to fit your needs.
  • Appointment reminders — Scheduling provides tools to decrease your patient no-shows by 30%. Automated patient appointment reminders save you hours of phone calls. Create, call, email or text appointment reminders to all of your patients.
  • Verify insurance — With Scheduling you can have instant verification on insurance status, saving time and resources.
  • >Integrates with Billing — See all of your patient data in one place.
  • Integrates with your EHR — Easily transfer patient information from one system to another. PracticeAdmin Scheduling was designed to integrate with other vendors and services.


Display physicians and locations side-by-side
Display physicians and locations side-by-side


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