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Here are some of the frequently asked questions about PracticeAdmin software and solutions. Remember if you have any questions, email us or call us at 844-269-4780, option 5.

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What do you offer?

We offer software that includes full scheduling, billing (registration, claims and payments) and A/R capabilities as well as complementary solutions such as statement printing and appointment reminders. We can also create an interface with your existing EHR, or consult with you on choosing the right EHR for you. Return to Top of Page


Do you offer medical billing services?

At PracticeAdmin we specialize in offering easy-to-use software. We love to work with medical billing companies, and therefore we do not offer billing services. We prefer to work with healthcare professionals, not against them. Return to Top of Page


How much does PracticeAdmin cost?

We grow with you, so your rates will be competitive based on your size, and the Practice Admin service you choose. It also will depend on the customization we use to interface with your EHR. You may also opt for our own printing and mailing service - this comes with a cost that more than pays for itself in time and resources saved. We receive payments on a month to month basis. Return to Top of Page


What is the contractual obligation?

Our contracts for medical practices start at 36 months for the best rate, and go down from there. For billing services, please contact us about our special medical billing company partner agreement. Return to Top of Page


Are there starting fees?

There are set-up fees which include initial implementation and training. Return to Top of Page


Do I need to purchase new equipment?

You don't need to purchase new hardware to operate PracticeAdmin software. However, as with any software system, you need a great running PC. Our system requirements are listed below. If you have specific questions, you can ask us during the demo. Return to Top of Page


What are the System Requirements?

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What does SaaS mean?

Stands for Software as a Service. It’s a method of software distribution whereby an application owned by a vendor is offered through a service provider via network connection. Return to Top of Page


We’re not near your location, are we still able to use PracticeAdmin?

Definitely. SaaS also means that you can access all of your data and the PracticeAdmin platforms from any computer you’ve designated, as long as it’s hooked to the data network. Return to Top of Page


Who is responsible for data backup?

PracticeAdmin is accessed from a remote cloud-based server containing all of your patient data. Your computer is simply the conduit from your office to the information, which means we take all responsibility for maintaining and backing up your records. Return to Top of Page


Compliance Standards

We’re at the forefront of HIPAA compliance, which means your PHI and ePHI is safe with us and our subcontractors. One of the great benefits of going with PracticeAdmin is that we help protect you from HIPAA exposure.

Our software also offers you online utilities that help you to streamline jobs that are touched by HIPAA rules, allow you to do compliance tracking internally, and also automatically updated on the latest in compliance standards. Finally, you’ll get HIPAA e-training in the form of user data that lets you know how each user is keeping up with workflow. Return to Top of Page


How long does change over take?

Transitioning from your current PM system to PracticeAdmin web-based practice management software doesn't take long at all, and is only determined by how quickly you can get our team your data. The time to roll over your process to our service can take 1-2 weeks with data conversion, which isn’t long considering we can create a custom interface for the provider's EHR. Return to Top of Page


Can you transfer our data?

This depends on how the software that you’re using currently exports, or can convert your data. We prefer that you meet our data import guidelines to easy import your data from your previous revenue cycle software vendor to PracticeAdmin. There is also the manual data entry option. You can contact us for more information. Return to Top of Page


What data do we need to send you?

When it comes to billing, we’ll need your patient demographics and insurance data, hospital face sheets, encounter sheets. You can also send daily or weekly patient logs. When it comes to Payment Posting, we’ll need EOB’s and tear-off’s of the patient bills. Return to Top of Page


Do I retain control over my patient data?

PracticeAdmin will mimic the way a program on your own computer works. In fact, you won’t even notice that your information is located on a remote server, as you keep full control. Return to Top of Page


Can I choose specific PracticeAdmin solutions over others?

Yes! PracticeAdmin has several product plans, our most popular being Revenue Suite and Provider Suite. As a PracticeAdmin customer, you would also have access to appointment reminder services, can choose between Revenue Suite, Provider Suite, and have the option to use our printing and mailing service, and to customize your EHR. Return to Top of Page


Can I scan insurance cards and drivers licences?

Yes, both sides. You can actually scan anything and save it. Return to Top of Page


Are there hot keys to patient data from previous screens?

Yes. Return to Top of Page


Can we customize patient bills?

Yes, and we have over a hundred templates for many of your typically used forms. Return to Top of Page


Does the system track data entry?

Yes, all of the keystrokes and times spent on each task are tracked and recorded, which is standard for HIPAA compliance. Return to Top of Page


Will the system auto-log off?

Yes. This is also part of HIPAA compliance, and the user will need to re-enter a password to regain entry. Return to Top of Page


Is there a master protocol allowing entry to all systems by the manager?

Yes, a manager can be keyed into the system and monitor all of the user data. Return to Top of Page


Will PracticeAdmin connect to our clearinghouse partner and send HIPAA compliant claims?

Yes, that is included in the customizable interface. Return to Top of Page


Is your software ICD-10 ready?

Yes! Our software is ICD-10 ready. Currently we have a crosswalk tool where users can cross reference current ICD-9 codes with future ICD-10 codes. Once ICD-10 is implemented, all of our users will have access to the new codes. Return to Top of Page


Do you charge additionally for updating CPT codes?

No, we do not charge for updating CPT codes. These upgrades are included in your software subscription fees. Return to Top of Page


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