Supported Interfaces

PracticeAdmin Supported Interfaces

PracticeAdmin has successfully interfaced its software products with over 35 leading EHR, lab system and Health Information Exchange formats. We support HL7, CSV, XML, and X12 formats to exchange patient demographics (ADT), appointments (SIU), and charges (DFT) via SFTP and TCP/IP using MirthConnect. We will work directly with your EHR provider to create the most efficient interface with PracticeAdmin. If you don’t see your preferred EHR in the following list, contact us and we can evaluate what system you’re using, and determine how PracticeAdmin can create the ideal interface to suit your needs.


Interfaces – EMR/EHR

Interfaces – Appointment Reminders

Interfaces – Lab and Pharmacy


Interfaces – Reporting


Interfaces – Health Information Exchanges


Interfaces – Other


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