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Thank you for your interest in PracticeAdmin's software and services. Complete the information below to learn how PracticeAdmin can support your business growth and to see a demo which will show how our software works for you. If you have immediate questions, you can reach a salesperson at 844-269-4780 option 5 or

PracticeAdmin doesn't compete with billing services - we help you improve your business and your bottom line.

PracticeAdmin provides affordable, easy-to-use medical billing tools that help medical billing and healthcare professionals improve how they manage their business and increases revenue.

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Our software as a service (SAAS) fee subscription model includes more than software. We have designed our software platform to transition smoothly. When we work with you, all of these features and solutions are included:

Our Solutions

PracticeAdmin →

This solution combines our powerful Billing Manager and Schedule Manager products to deliver an easy-to-use practice management platform. Features include:


RevenueSuite →

Perfect for the medical billing company that manages a lot of complex accounts and financial data.  RevenueSuite brings together Billing Manager, Schedule Manager, and Receivables Manager for a complete solution that fits all your business needs. RevenueSuite features everything from PracticeAdmin, plus:

Find out how PracticeAdmin can become a part of your business success. Contact our sales team at 844-269-4780 option 5 or at

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