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Improve your hospitalist practice's efficiency and cashflow with PracticeAdmin's practice management and medical billing software solutions.

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Patient billing is a complex and demanding procedure for hospitalist practices. Optimizing the billing process can improve efficiency and increase cash flow.
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PracticeAdmin's scheduling solution helps hospitalist practices manage appointments and save time. 
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PracticeAdmin's payment solution helps hospitalist practices manage ERA auto-matching, payment posting, and patient statement generation and distribution. 
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PracticeAdmin's claim solution helps hospitalist practices reduce rejections, improve acceptance rates, and effectively manage the entire claim process.
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PracticeAdmin's receivables solution provides hospitalist practices with the automation they need to manage a successful medical billing company.
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EHR and EMR Integrations

PracticeAdmin partners and integrates with leading EMR solutions to ensure hospitalist practices can access the patient information they need to run smoothly.
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If you’re a physician, a practice administrator, or you manage a hospitalist medical billing company, PracticeAdmin has the solutions that make your job easier and improve your cash flow. Built by medical billing professionals for billing companies and medical practices, PracticeAdmin solutions help everyone in your office improve their performance. We have an established solution and partnership with billers and practices of all sizes. The PracticeAdmin team has a deep understanding of your needs, providing hospitalist billers and providers with powerful, affordable cloud-based software solutions.


Hospitalist Billing Software Features

  • Patient Demographics
  • Insurance Verification
  • Prior authorizations
  • Charge Entry
  • Case Submission
  • ERA auto-matching
  • Manual payment posting
  • Patient Statements


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